I got a little story to tell you about a designer in love with interaction, product and visual design. His name is Gabriel, but everybody calls him Gabe. Currently a third year New Media Design student at the Rochester Institute of Technology, he has learned that design is the amalgamation of work ethic, systematic iterations, collaboration, strong coffee, and the use of multidisciplinary skills in design and logical reasoning.

Aside from wire framing and rendering visuals on his Macbook and dot grid notebooks, Gabe loves rice, mind-bending TV shows, social media, making people laugh, and German chocolate. Also, he is [tries to be] a travel photographer! Having been in over 5 continents, he believes that capturing the beautiful moments in life is important, which is very much akin to design.

What a lad, right? Ok, I’ll stop. If you want to chat with ME, you can reach me at my contact information below.

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